As a consequence of a Federal or State audit, businesses and individuals risk overpayment for tax liabilities due to improper representation. Deona's Accurate Tax & Accounting provides the qualified expertise of skilled tax specialists for individuals or businesses confronted with an IRS tax review.

The facts about an IRS audit

When conducting an audit, the IRS typically operates with the knowledge that the average taxpayer is unaware of their rights and vulnerable to intimidation and pressure. Representation for audits by Deona's Accurate Tax & Accounting ensures that penalties and interest payments are effectively negotiated through various liability response options available to Anderson taxpayers. All direct communication with IRS authorities is handled exclusively by qualified Deona's Accurate Tax & Accounting tax specialists experienced with numerous settlement negotiation strategies for:

  • Business or personal tax audits
  • Tax interest payments
  • Tax Liens
  • Garnishments and seizures
  • Sales Tax Audits, and delinquencies
  • Payroll Tax Audits and delinquencies

No matter how feasible it may seem, handling your tax liability issues without professional representation is not recommended. The sheer volume of detailed financial records that must be carefully substantiated, combined with a typically high level of bureaucracy associated with an IRS audit review, can result in additional losses if handled without the assistance of a tax expert.

Deona's Accurate Tax & Accounting responses to IRS audit reviews

Deona's Accurate Tax & Accounting is experienced in planning and preparing an Offer of Compromise and other effective strategies in response to an IRS audit review which include:

  • Protection from intimidation and IRS harassment
  • Collection due process appeal
  • Reduction of tax liability decisions
  • Equitable relief
  • Abatement of penalties in interest
  • Relief from unjustified audits
  • Request for Innocent Spouse relief

If you have been contacted by the IRS or the state department of taxation, have received a tax lien or any other IRS notice; contact the offices of Deona's Accurate Tax & Accounting an immediate assessment.

Beware of Scammers

If your receive a phone call or email from the IRS, It is a SCAMMER, The IRS does not call people or email people.

The scammers will try to scare you by saying you owe taxes and you need to pay now or go get a gift card to send them (the IRS does not take gift cards). They will try to scare you further by saying, if you do not pay they will sue you. The IRS does not Sue people! or they may say, they are going to send the police to your house and have you arrested. The IRS will not send the police out to have you arrested. Even if I called the IRS and waited 45 minutes to an hour for them to answer their phone and said I owe you money and want to make a payment, they will not except money over the phone. You have to either go to EFTPS.GOV or to IRS.GOV then click pay to make payments, or send them in the mail. Another way you know it is a scammer is, you do not make payments to the IRS, you make them to United States Treasury.